Exporting goods overseas – use the right documents!

8th June 2020 By 0 Comments

One of the most important things when exporting goods overseas is to ensure you have the right documentation. Missing or inaccurate documents can lead to delays and extra costs, or even prevent a shipment from arriving at all!  There should also be a clear written contract between buyer and seller, including details of exactly where goods will be delivered.

When it comes to running an export business, you need to understand the amount of paperwork required. You may use a freight forwarder or customs agent to do some of this for you. However, it is still up to you to ensure the correct documentation is prepared and available. Customs will review all imported goods to ensure only approved items enter the country.  The right paperwork can also be an important part of the payment mechanism.

ASEC Export Consulting can help you through the whole process, from drafting all required paperwork, dealing direct with freight forwarding and customs. We will also liaise direct with your customers to ensure the exported goods and paperwork meets all requirements.

Contact us now at adrian@export-consulting.org for a free consultation.  We can also undertake a full review your current processes and provide expert advice and support.